Frequently Asked Questions


  1.  What hockey equipment (equipment list) do players require?

  2.  What are your student/instructor player ratios?

  3. Does World “3 on 3” Hockey offer power skating?

  4. What other technical skills will the players be taught?

  5. Does World “3 on 3” Hockey offer goalie instruction?

  6. Are your programs suitable for beginners and intermediate players?

  7. Does World “3 on 3” Hockey have programs suitable for aspiring elite hockey players?

  8. When playing World “3 on 3” Hockey’s exclusive game, why is a ¾ rink used instead of the full ice?

  9. What is the difference between our winter Power Pac “3 on 3” sessions (offered Mondays & Wednesdays) vs. the Sunday “3 on 3” Developmental League?

  10. Are your programs co-ed? How many females are usually in each program? Do you offer a girl’s division in your Spring League?

  11. Does World “3 on 3” Hockey teach body checking principles?

  12. Do you follow the FAIR PLAY CODE? Do we ever keep score?

  13. What is our refund policy?


1. All players require a full set of equipment including:

  -CSA approved helmet with a face mask -Neck guard
  -Mouth guard -Athletic cup (boys) or jill ( girls), most will be built into a set of shorts will Velcro attachments at the thigh level to keep the hockey socks up
  -If you don’t have the above shorts, you will need a garter belt to keep the hockey socks up
  -Shin pads and hockey socks
  -Hockey pants with a belt or suspenders to keep the pants up
  -Shoulder and elbow pads -Hockey gloves
  -Hockey skates
  -recommended BAUER, CCM, GRAF, please stay away from plastic moulded skates( too stiff for players to develop the proper skating technique)
  -Hockey stick
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2. The student/coach ratios varies for the age of the program. Learn To Play Hockey (ages 4-6) the ratio will be 4:1 or less. All other player programs will have a 5:1 player/coach ratio or less. Goaltending sessions are 4:1 or less. All World “3 on 3” Hockey programs are well staffed, it’s the foundation for our pyramid teaching principles.
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3. We have 2 professional power skating coaches on the ice at all times. The most important technical skill of hockey is skating. All of our programs start with at least 20 minutes of Progressive or Advanced Power Skating. Areas that we focus on are: low heel recovery, the correction of wide tracking, the spine angle, a deep knee bend, efficient arm swing to make players faster, quiet upper body, inner and outer edge control, stops, backwards skating, “Quick Feet” and agility.
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4. Players will be taught puck control/protection, soft hands passing/receiving, the ABC’s of shooting with goal scoring habits and all of the legal stick checks.
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5. We offer an excellent goaltending program producing some of the top goalies to play at the junior, college and pro levels. The World “3 on 3” Hockey program has 4 goalie coaches led by Head Instructor and former pro Sonny Mignacca (see his bio by clicking on the COACHES ICON at the top of the home page of our website as well as check out the goalie testimonials).
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6. Yes, our program is a great starting point for beginner and intermediate players. Whether your child is age 4 or age 10, we have a starting point that will place them with their skill appropriate peers. World “3 on 3”Hockey winter sessions have no scorekeeping so there is no fear of losing or failure. Email our office a detailed question including your child’s age and skating level and we will give you our recommendation for the proper program starting point for your child.
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7. We recommend that all of our aspiring elite players ages 6-12 attend one of our Sunday Power Pac “5 on 5” programs. This program will include 40 minutes daily of Advanced Power Skating, puck control/protection, soft hands passing/receiving, the ABC’s of quick release shooting with goal scoring habits, all of the legal stick checks and competition drills including 1 on 1’s, 2 on 1’s , 3 on 2’s… Team play concepts will also be taught including specific training for both forwards, defensemen and goalies. The final 20 minutes will be a controlled game with on the ice coaching with immediate correction. We also offer programs for aspiring elite players in August and September. These try out preparation camps are taught in a traditional “5 on 5” setting. Go to the homepage of our website for a detailed description included in our registration form.
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8. There are several benefits of using a 3/4 smaller ice surface including getting in the scoring zone quicker allowing for more goals to be scored developing everlasting confidence. This innovative approach to development forces players to think quicker because the areas are smaller. This will help them when they go into a “5 on 5” game on the larger rink. We call this over speed training for the brain which will increase the players HOCKEY IQ. The result will be better and more consistent read and react decisions when playing the “5 on 5” game, it will feel slower after playing the fast-paced “3 on 3” & “1 on 1” games.
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9. Both the POWER PAC “3 on 3” (offered Mondays & Wednesdays) and Sunday Development “3 on 3” League are terrific programs. The 60 minute Power Pac session is divided up into 40 minutes of the teaching of all technical skills (including Progressive Power Skating, puck control/protection, soft hands passing/receiving, the ABC’s of quick release shooting with goal scoring habits, legal stick checks) and team play concepts followed by 20 minutes of our exclusive “3 on 3” game with a daily game theme, “1 on 1” Head To Head hockey and our Skill Tunnel (3 coaches working with 6 different training aids to accelerate players puck control, deking and passing skills). The format for our Sunday “3 on 3” Developmental League is as follows: the first 20 minutes, 7 of our coaches work on our Ultra Skills package(20–1 minute technical skill drills focussing on progressive power skating, puck control/protection, soft hands passing/receiving… This is followed by 40 minutes of our exclusive “3 on 3” game with a daily theme, “1 on 1” Head To Head hockey and our Skill Tunnel. Both programs are continuous action with development.
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10. Yes, all of our programs are co-ed. Generally, 20-25% of all of our sessions are female in the summer, fall and winter. During our Spring League (April/May) we usually have an All Female team at ages 7/8 participating in our co-ed division, a 9 year old girls team in the co-ed division and an ALL FEMALE DIVISION for ages 11-13.
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11. Yes, we teach the principles of body contact/checking in our August/September programs for player’s ages 13/14. Players will learn how to give and take a check, counterbalancing using the bodies large muscles/core strength, playing eyes up in the danger zones & using angling techniques, head/cheap shot protection, how to execute the pin, the body block and the shoulder check both along the boards and in open ice.
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12. Yes, we follow the FAIR PLAY CODE. All shifts are timed – 75 seconds for ages 5/6 and 60 seconds for all other ages. Players are numbered off and kept in order with their skill appropriate peers. We keep score in our Spring League Tournament (April/May) for ages 9 – 14. The rest of our season is strictly about developing skills in a tension free environment while having fun.
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13. Refunds are issued for medical reasons only and are subject to a 10% administration fee. Cancellations due to an injury/illness must be accompanied by a Doctor’s Certificate. Any other withdrawals from the program will be honoured with a credit that expires after two years of the cancellation date. If any sessions are cancelled or postponed by World “3 on 3” Hockey’s administration team due to an unforeseen circumstance, a credit note for the entire registration fee will be redeemable by any age-qualifying member of the student’s immediate family for a period of up to two years.
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