In 1998, the Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey Team finished out of the medals in Nagano, Japan. Canadian hockey was being heavily scrutinized and the entire country was asking the question, “What is wrong with our National Game?”
Hockey Canada brought the top minds in our game together for a Hockey Summit “Open Ice” debate in Toronto that was chaired by Wayne Gretzky. They came to the conclusion that there were a lot of necessary changes needed at the grass roots of hockey. They were seeing amateur coaches too concerned about winning, too concerned about playing games 12 months out of the year, focussing on system driven practises vs. a skills first approach which was leading to a lot of unhappy burnt out youngsters quitting the game at a young age. The bottom line, kids weren’t being allowed to play the game for its purity and innocence, they weren’t having FUN!
Mike Loustel, the President/Hockey Director of Coach Hockey Schools, decided he was going to create the solution. He had a vision to design a fast-paced offensive game that was going to be end to end action. He wanted it to resemble the scoring of basketball which he called “ping pong on ice.”
The first time parents had witnessed this new format, they were dripping with sweat from cheering with all of the goals going in the net (and they weren’t even keeping score). Loustel was relieved, all of the time and energy he had put into creating this game was worth it. The kids were having fun and the good old fashioned pond hockey approach to the game was back.
The program gained national media attention overnight. Canada was talking and one of our nation’s leading sports columnists wrote, “Hockey Canada take a look, Loustel has a skills first solution to our game in Winnipeg.” Every single point that was debated at “OPEN ICE” had already been implemented 2 years earlier in the World “3 on 3” Hockey format.
The program was a success!!! Enrollment grew from 180 players to 3000 participants!!! Why? Players were having fun and parents could see the development. It was a WIN-WIN! For everyone!


  • Family friendly dates and times
  • Student/Instructor teaching ratios of 5:1 or less
  • Power skating instructors involved in all of our development sessions
  • Pyramid structured practise to game ratio (2:1) that World “3 on 3” Hockey introduced 2 years before the National Hockey Summit “Open Ice” Debate
  • Innovative exclusive small ice games that include our “3 on 3”, “1 on 1” Head to Head, tri-puck hockey and our Skill Tunnel… all designed to accelerate skill development with their appropriate peers
  • Special safe foam boards that enables our coaches to set up the rink with different teaching zones that optimizes ice utilization
  • Smaller playing areas, similar to “3 on 3” soccer, “3 on 3” basketball or a little league baseball field. This gives the players the opportunity to get into the scoring zone quicker allowing more goals to be scored developing everlasting confidence
  • “Skills First” approach to hockey, allowing children to develop in a tension free environment
  • This innovative approach to development forces players to think quicker because the areas are smaller. This will help them when they go into the “5 on 5” game on the larger rink. We call this “over speed training for the brain” which will increase the players HOCKEY IQ. The result will be better and consistent read and react decisions when playing the “5 on 5” game, it will feel slower after playing the faster paced “3 on 3” & “1 on 1” games.
  • No politics and no players getting cut. The only time we keep score is in our Spring League “3 on 3” Tournament for players ages 9-14. The World “3 on 3” Hockey program develops self-esteem!


  1. Accelerate skill development through encouragement from our enthusiastic coaches.
  2. Ensure equal ice time for all players in a safe FAIR PLAY CODE environment (every drill/shift is timed and players all participate the same).
  3. Your child’s World “3 on 3” Hockey experience leaves them smiling especially when our coaches give them two freezies after every session for a job well done!!!